Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just received this last night. So far this is the only drive (of 7) I've heard anything about, but hopefully that will change.


I just got a chance to get this logged you flash drive is safe and traveling. I read your Blog, sounds like a fun project. I picked it up 4/9/09 it is still attached to the Travel Bug and was in the cache with the log book. Anyhow I picked it up at Harvestor Park in Burr Ridge, IL on business trip. I will add a picture of my website to the Content folder if you want to check it out Visit:

Okay the Info:

Drive #3
Found: Harvestor Park-Burr Ridge, IL
Traveled to: Des Moines, IA final destination unkown, I will find a nice geocache to place it in soon, I just want to make sure it is a place that will allow it to continue its travel and safe from the weather. Most likely going to drop it in an Ammo can type cache near an RV Park so hopefully it will get traveling with another responsible geocacher.


-It is okay to post any of this you want

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