Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm going to need more drives.

I started with a 3 pack of flash drives that I picked up during lunch today. My first stop was a Barnes and Noble - I figured that would be a decent place to leave one so that a sufficiently curious person might find it, and there are always a few people sitting around reading or fiddling around with their laptops in the cafe area. Unfortunately, it was fairly devoid of life, so off to *shudder* the mall.

There's a Gloria Jean's dead center in the mall. It's not a shop, more like a kiosk in an atrium area with a lot of traffic, so I dropped #1 there and wandered around for a bit to see if anyone would snag it. It was only about three minutes before the server began cleaning off tables. She picked it up, looked at it, put it down again, picked it back up, pocketed it, and cleaned the table. I'm considering that one MIA - it will likely end up in a lost & found bin, never to be heard from again.

I decided on the drive home that my best bet will likely come in the form of geocaching. There's one fairly near where I was that I've looked for in the past but was never able to find (I'm not a "geocacher", really, but every now and then I'll poke around when I'm bored). Despite the dark and the light drizzle, I figured I'd go look for it one more time.

Success! I can't believe I missed it before. It's right there. I expect this one will get a response, as the log for the cache indicates that it's fairly frequently visited, and geocachers seem like the type of folk who would be inclined to play along.

One drive left, but I've already ordered a handful more from newegg.

I labeled the drives with the url for the blog, mainly because I was worried that people would be too paranoid to plug them in. I was hoping that they would at least visit the blog, see what it was about, and then check it out. I think I'm going to label the next batch "porn" - that, I think, will be more effective, even if it is a bit disappointing for the finders.

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