Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's My Drive?

So, I have a handful of flash drives that I'm going to "forget" in various public places. I've labeled them with the URL for this blog, so if you found one and it brought you here: neat!

Each contains a letter/instructions (text below) and a folder to add content to. Let's see if anyone finds/responds...

Text of the letter:

To whom it may concern:

You have found a drive that belongs to the Where's My Drive Project. This drive is one of several that have been dropped in various locations and, hopefully (with your help), will continue to travel the world for some time.

You can think of them as traveling digital time capsules.

I would like to ask three small favors of you. You are not, of course, obligated to do all, or any, of these, but it would be wonderful if you did.

1) Most importantly (since, if this is continually done, at least a few people will do the other two), I would appreciate it if you could leave the drive somewhere yourself or even just pass it on to a friend, family member, or co-worker if you're not interested in participating yourself.

Obviously it would be best if the precise location where the drive is left is both highly visible and unlikely to result in the destruction of the drive (outdoors is bad, of course).

You are welcome to keep it - I wouldn't have done this if I wasn't comfortable with that as a probable outcome, but I'm hoping that those who find this will think the amusement factor of passing it along outweighs the roughly $5 retail value of the drive, even in the present economic recession.

2) Leave a little bit of yourself! Please add something to the drive (thus helping it to fulfill its role as a time capsule) for others to see - a picture, or a letter/poem/lyrics/general musings, songs, etc. Time-relevant content, such as pictures that were very recently taken, would be best, but it's not required. You should probably refrain from including anything copyrighted.

You are also welcome to make additions to this letter, although I would appreciate it if you could leave the original content unchanged and only add to the bottom of the file.

If you add content to the drive, please be resopnsible in doing so. No keyloggers, malware, rootkits, porn, illegal material, etc. so forth. Those viewing any other content on the drive should, of course, do so with caution.


PLEASE only add any new content to the "Content" folder so this letter doesn't get lost in the midst of a swarm of other files. If you found the drive with other files on the top level, please move everything except for 'READ ME.txt' into the content folder.


3) This isn't as important as the first two, but I would be deeply grateful if you could send an email to wheresmydrive@gmail.com with some or all of the following information. Feel free to omit anything you're not comfortable sharing.

-Your name
-Which of the three drives you have found (This is drive 1)
-Where you found this drive (specifics would be great, city/state/country would be fine)
-Where the drive is now (city/state/country - NO addresses, please)
-Whether or not you intend to pass the drive on or keep it (It's fine if you keep it, I'd just like to know that its journey is at an end)
-If any additions have been made to this file below the "End original" line below, please attach this file as well. I would love to see what was added.

If the mood strikes you, feel free to include a picture of the drive, kidnapped-lawn-ornament style.

One final note: I've created a blog to keep track of where the drives have been. I will update it with information any time I receive an email about the drives. If you're interested in seeing where your drive has been and where it went after you had it, you can visit the blog at:


If you do not want your information published in the blog, simply say so - I'm a pretty big privacy advocate and will adhere to your wishes.

End original

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